As a church we reach people from all walks of life with the radical love of God. We connect with and impact our local and worldwide community through supporting, developing and maintaining a variety of initiatives, relationships and programs.  We promote restoration, healing, freedom and an abundant life.

The missions team has two main arms; our Overseas Missions and our Local Missions.

Overseas Missions:

The Overseas Missions are based in Northern Uganda and South Sudan.  Our main works so far have been based in South Sudan – we have helped to fund the building of a school just outside Nimule for children who have been rescued from the grip of the LRA, an army of war lords who take children and use them as sex slaves or child soldiers.  The work was done in partnership with Sam Childers an American who has been fighting to rescue these children and rebuild their lives for many years.  He is known as the “Machine Gun Preacher”.  The movie about Sam was premiered in Tasmania in our church on the 14th April 2012 and Sam preached at our morning service on the 22 April.  We are raising funds to provide vocational and trades education for the young people who have grown up in Sam’s orphanage – the will be the next rehabilitation step –providing a trade and a means of gaining an income.


In addition C3 Hobart is partnering with Alice Achan, in Pader in Northern Uganda to support and provide a future for the girls who were used as sex slaves by the LRA or have been abused in the fragmented society that has resulted from the 20 years of conflict in that area.  Many of these girls have had children to the rapists and because of shame and desperation they have not been able to return to their village or continue their education.  Alice has provided a safe haven, counseling, a secondary school, a nursery school, vocational training options and a guest house for the girls to work in and learn skills in hospitality. C3 Hobart is hoping to help fund the Early Childhood Development Centre for the children of the girls at Alice’s school.  We are also wanting to fund educational scholarships to help girls finish their education and to have careers that can be used in their communities – nursing and teaching.

Both Kate Causon, a lawyer and Di Reynoldson, an Occupational Therapist from c3 Hobart went to Northern Uganda and South Sudan in March 2012 to become more familiar with the needs, to consolidate relationships and accountability measures so that what C3 Hobart funds and does is exactly what is needed.  C3 Hobart provided bibles and soccer balls to the girls at Pader Girls Academy and clothes to their children donated by church members and others in the community.  We also provided soccer balls to the children in South Sudan. See some of the photos of this mission trip.

Local Missions:

We run a C3 Playgroup at the church every Wednesday at 10.30am.  This is a wonderful networking opportunity for parents and carers of very young children. The playgroup offers some structured activities – singing, play sessions and arts and crafts see the Facebook page by Googling C3 Playgroup Hobart.

Annie Kenney (AK) Young Women’s Emergency Accommodation Service – This is a refuge for girls who are aged between 13 and 20 years who are homeless.  We support the girls  by providing each one with an entry pack when they arrive, this supplies them with PJs and toiletries and basic underwear, a journal and pen.  Many of the girls arrive sick, with nothing but what they are wearing and very traumatised. As well as this we regularly visit the AK house providing inspiration and encouragement for the girls by being their guest speaker on their “nights in” or through art nights.  These nights are always fun and the girls and staff love them

Launch Youth Inc. is an organization that supports boys who have nowhere else to live. C3 Hobart has recently connected with Launch and we are working to provide mentors for the boys.  We are making links with Launch so that they can join in with the high energy youth activities that C3 runs.

How can you help?  Support financially or just get involved with the team!  Contact us to find out more.

Di Reynoldson
Missions Coordinator

Email us to find out more on admin@c3hobart.org.au