Connect Groups & Connection Points

Connect Groups:

One of the best ways you can get connected and make deeper friendships here at C3 Church Hobart is through a Connect Group.

A Connect Group is a small group of around three to eight people who meet on a fortnightly basis. It’s a place where people relate, discuss spiritual issues and grow in their relationship with Jesus.

There are many different types of Connect Groups; men’s groups, women’s groups, mixed groups, young adults, mums, Spanish speaking, African focused, business people etc. Some meet in cafes, some in homes, some for at breakfast, some for lunch in the city, just to name a few!

If you would like to get involved with a Connect Group, see the list below for an idea of a grop that may work for you and contact the church office at 6223 1393 Mondays to Thursdays, or email us at admin@c3hobart.org.au.

Groups for Men

South Hobart (at C3 Church) – fortnightly Wednesday mornings 7am

Old Beach – fortnightly Tuesday evenings

30 Something Men – In the city – fortnightly Thursday evenings

Groups for Women

Hobart CBD – fortnightly Saturday mornings

Professional business women – South Hobart (At C3 Church) – first Friday of the month at lunchtime

Sandy Bay – fortnightly Friday mornings

Mums with young children – Sandy Bay/Howrah – fortnightly Tuesday evenings

Mixed groups

Blackmans Bay – fortnightly Tuesday evenings

Sandy Bay – fortnightly Wednesday evenings

Moonah/Lutana – fortnightly Friday evenings

West Moonah – weekly Friday evenings

Kingston – fortnightly Thursday evenings

Lauderdale – fortnightly Thursday evenings

Kingston – fortnightly Friday evenings

New Town – fortnightly Friday evenings

Margate – fortnightly Friday evenings

Young professional couples – Kingston – fortnightly Wednesday evenings

International University Students – UTAS – fortnightly Saturday mornings

Art Focus – C3 Church – fortnightly Thursday evenings

South Hobart (at C3 Church) – fortnightly after Sunday church service


Connection Points:

Connection Points are a little different to Connect Groups in that they are generally activity based who get together around a common interest or focus.

We currently have the following connection points:

–       Playgroups

–       Men’s fitness group (the “Tough Mudders”)

–       Music Team fortnightly gathering called “Groove”

If you would like to get involved with a Connection Point, contact the church office at 6223 1393 Mondays to Thursdays, or fill in the below form:

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