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18/06/2017 – Stuart Davey-Sypkes

Title: Uncharted Territory Pt2

Series: Uncharted Territory

11/06/2017 – Ps Shaun White

Title: Uncharted Territory Pt1

Series: Uncharted Territory

04/06/2017 – Noa Folau

Title: Feed the Seed

Series: The helper

28/05/2017 – Innocent Mudzingwa

Title: The helper pt 2

Series: The helper

21/05/2017 – Ps Shaun White

Title: The Helper part 1

Series: The Helper

14/05/2017 – Alicia Leis

Title: I don’t like the bumps

Series: Mother’s Day

06/05/2017 Jono Hosford

Title: Blank Space

Series: The Reason

30/04/2017 – Clinton Togaro

Testimony by Clinton Togaro. Please note that the main part of the service was unable to be recorded due to the sensitive topic it addressed.

Series: The Reason

23/04/2017 – Aaron Dunn

Title: The Reason

Series: The Reason

16/04/2017 – Ps Shaun White

Title: Easter Sunday

Series: The Reason

08/04/2017 – Ps Shaun White

Title: Head or Heart

Series: better together

02/04/2017 – Alicia Leis

The recording of this sermon unfortunately failed this week. Stay tuned for the next though 😉

Title: Grace to grow

Series: Better together


26/03/217 PM – Kelly Dunn

Title: Parenting

Series: Better together

26/03/2017 – Kim Smith

Title: How the church can be a family to those who don’t have a family

Series: Better together

19-03-17 – Ps Shaun White

Title: Marriage

Series: Better Together

12/3/2017 – Alicia Leis

Title: Give It Up

Series: Better Together


05-03-2017 – Ps Greg French

Title: Resurrection

Series: Better together

26-02-2017 – Ps Shaun

Title: I see, I Perceive, I Stand (Vision Sunday)

Series: Speak Life

18-02-17 – Ps Jono Hosford

Title: Misheard Lyrics

Series: Speak Life

12/02/2017 – Alicia Leis

Title: God Spoke

Series: Speak Life

05-02-2017 – Ps Shaun

Title: Speak Into…

Series: Speak Life

29/01/2017 PM – Lauren weeks, Jarin White, Tyson Atkinson

Series: Summer Lovin’

29/01/2017 – Tim Kroustalis

Title: Forgiveness

Series: Summer Lovin’

22/01/2017 – Ps Shaun White

Title: Clear the clouds of confusion

Series: Summer Lovin’

15/01/2017 – Alicia Leis

Title: We are those

Series: Summer Lovin’

08 01 2017 – Innocent Mudzingwa

Title: Where is the cloud?

Series: Summer lovin’

01/01/2017 – Ps Shaun White

Title: Summer Lovin’

Series: Summer Lovin’

18-12-2016 – Alicia Leis

Title: That was unexpected

Noa Folau – 11/12/2016

Title: Pregnant with promise

Series: Christmas

4/12/16 – Jono Hosford

Title: Unexpected Gifts

27/11/2016 – Alicia Leis

Title: Don’t hold your breath

Series: Oxygen

20/11/2016 – Ps Shaun White

Title: Oxygen Pt3

06/12/2016 – Brian Webber

Title: Prayer

Series: Oxygen

30/10/2016 – Alicia Leis

Title: Free from what?

Theme: The F word

23/10/2016 – Shaun White

Title: “You Can’t”

Theme – The F Word

16/10/2016 – Vanessa from Compassion Australia

Title: Don’t leave your tragedy under a tree

Theme – The F Word’t%20leave%20your%20tragedy%20under%20a%20tree.mp3

9/10/2016 – Ps Shaun White

Title: ABC

Theme: The F Word

02/10/2016 – Jono Hosford

Theme: But To Serve

Title: It begins with the serve

25/09/2016 – Shaun White, Ella Hickey, Hank Petrusma, Dr Charles Makoundi

Title: But to Serve Pt3

18/09/2016 – Ps Shaun White

Title: But to Serve