The Building Fund

C3 Hobart’s building has been bought and redeveloped through the giving of congregation members into a tax-deductible Building Fund, and also through borrowed funds.

The building helps us to be able to fulfil our vision, which is to “Reach people on a journey to faith and to Build strong followers of Christ”.

Giving to the Building Fund is different to tithing as this fund purely exists for giving towards the cost of the building and the interest expenses.

You can be sure that when you give to the building fund, you are not just giving to the four walls of our church, but you are sowing into the vision, activity and lives that the building makes possible. We’d love for everyone in the church to get involved in our building fund in whatever capacity you can. It is not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

For more specific information about this building fund, and how you can be involved, please download the current Building Fund flyer.

How To Get Involved

1. Prayerfully consider the amount of giving that is appropriate for you.
 This should be your first step in becoming involved.  Pray for both faith and wisdom in making your decision.

2. Make your commitment to the Building Fund.
 During June, you will have an opportunity to make your commitment during the service, by completing a commitment card. Alternatively, you can commit online or obtain a commitment card from the church office at anytime.  The commitment is usually for a one year period.

3. Consider how you will fulfil your commitment.  You will have several options available to you:

  • Make a regular weekly or monthly contribution. Regular giving can be easier to manage, is rewarding and quickly builds up over time.
  • Make a one-off gift.
  • Salary sacrifice. Arrange with your employer to make a deduction from your salary each pay.
  • Direct deposit. You can organise regular payments to be made via internet banking.
  • Online donation(s).

Not Equal Giving But Equal Sacrifice

Any offering of this magnitude will be sacrificial.  We will have to rise to the challenge, yet that challenge will be different for each person. So, our theme is not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

To sacrifice means to willingly give the best I have for a greater purpose.

Whilst we cannot all give the same amount, we can all sacrifice. This way, everyone can have a part. For some, a sacrificial gift may be $500. For others, it could be $150,000 or more. God will impress a specific amount on your heart if you ask Him.

A sacrificial gift is one that requires you to:

  • change your lifestyle;
  • re-arrange your priorities;
  • actually give up something.

Your sacrificial gift, which is sown in faith, can only be determined by you and the Lord. We urge you to make your gift a matter of prayer, being confident that God will clearly direct you, enabling each to give as he purposed in His heart. 2 Corinthians 9:7.

Our faith goals will come about as a result of our prayerful consideration of the question, “What does God want me to do?” Our response to the challenge before us, must be made on the basis of God’s will for each individual or family.

To determine the rightness of your faith goal, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Was it born in prayer?
  2. Is it truly sacrificial?
  3. Does it involve faith?

Giving to the Building Fund is a financial commitment separate and above what we already give in tithes and offerings. Through prayer and commitment, the offerings we give are important in the growth of the church in reaching and building people.

Creative Ways To Give

Here are some creative ways to help you get involved in the Building Fund:

  1. As a family, give up one of your takeaway meals a week for a meal at home. Missing one meal a week at an average of $20 per family is $1,040 per year.
  2. Give up a habit. Easier said than done, but not impossible. A cappuccino per day for a year costs $1,095.
  3. Commit your income tax refund to the Lord.
  4. Give a gift of assets. You can give real estate, stocks, bonds, gold, cars, boats, etc.
  5. Adjust your holiday. Try having a holiday at home and taking day trips and picnics. Or take a three day holiday instead of a week. This can save $1,000 – $2,000.
  6. Delay a major purchase.
  7. If you have a business, consider making a gift which is tax deductible to the business.
  8. A dollar increase per week. This is a great idea for those who have never given or do not see a way to increase current giving. Start by giving one dollar the first week, then two, then three, etc., praying all along that the Lord would show you a way to add that next dollar and increase each week. If you keep this up for a year you would give $1,345.
  9. Trust Distributions. Input tax credits that apply to distributions from trust funds – these are able to be refunded to the church from the tax office.


Building Fund Commitment

Enter the details of your commitment to the Building Fund Program below. All information provided will be kept confidential and only used for the purpose of this program.

For more information download the current Building Fund flyer.

Or if you’d like to give directly – here are our bank accounts.

Building Fund #1 (Tax Deductible)
Acc Name: Christian City Church Tas Inc Building Fund No. 1
Acc #: 1018 4445
Branch: Elizabeth St
BSB: 06 7000

Building Fund #2 (Non-Tax Deductible)
Acc Name: Christian City Church Tas Inc Building Fund No. 2
Acc #: 10391321
Branch: Elizabeth St
BSB: 06 7000

First Name (required)

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Email Address for Statements

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With a willing heart and as an expression of worship, I/we before God commit to give within 12 months, a total of: