Our Building

Nearly 18 years ago we had a dream from God that He was going to build a significant church in Hobart, Tasmania and beyond. It was going to be a church which would carry our heart and the DNA of C3 which is one of faith, hope and love.

We are a church of faith. If a person can dream a dream and connect with God by faith, nothing shall be impossible. A church of faith is unstoppable, unshakeable, and also immovable. We have arrived at a critical point in the life of C3 Hobart and we are ready to take a hold of our future. The move into 64 Anglesea Street represents the future for our children and our children’s children. C3 Hobart is a house of distinction which carries a bright, bold call to worship and the prophetic so people know what God is doing and saying to them.

We are a church of Hope. It is our desire for His house to be filled with people that are at various stages of growth in their walk with God. We will not judge people, but freely invite them to come and experience the grace and transforming power He so freely gives through forgiveness. We will be patient with people, create freedom and a place where they can discover their best life.

C3 is building a lasting house that will be a magnificent display of His splendour. As Isaiah says: His house shall be established on top of the mountains, and all nations shall flow to it. Many shall say “come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord”.

We will encourage every generation to help the other to live out what they are called to impart. We will give the Holy Spirit room to move because we know that He brings power and real change. It is because of this that we encourage every person to understand the influence, favour and position that we each have to make a difference within the arts & entertainment arenas; the social and political arena; the family and the financial sector; and the spiritual realm.

For Booking enquiries through the C3 Convention Centre, email : hire@c3hobart.org.au or go to www.c3conventioncentre.com.au