C3 Church Hobart’s Vision

Our vision is to “Reach people on a journey to faith and to Build strong followers of Christ”.  Or simply put, to “Reach and Build people”.

In order to achieve this, we aim to create self-responsible disciples through a simple discipleship pathway (because a self-responsible, growing disciple of Jesus will reach and build people)!

Our simple discipleship pathway is just that…a series of steps that you can follow in order to become a more effective disciple.  We know that each person’s faith journey will be different, and that most people will not follow the steps in order, and that’s ok!  In fact, the steps do not necessarily need to be followed in order, but they have been placed in a logical progression creating a series of steps that can be used as a guide.

The discipleship pathway will take you through 3 stages of believing in Jesus, belonging to His Church, and building yourself and others.

In order to get started on your discipleship journey here at C3, visit the discipleship pathway page to check out where you are currently up to on the pathway, and figure out what your next step is… and then take it!  The website has further information on each of the steps, so make sure you have a good read!  Or if you have found where you’re at and are not sure what to do next, please contact the office to talk with someone.  Have fun reaching and building people!

Our Values

  1. Loving God – Living by the Word, engaging in worship and prayer, attending church and being generous.
  2. Loving People – Connecting with our local community and doing life together.
  3. Loving Life – Thinking big, enjoying creativity, embracing individuality and being united in vision.