What is Vision Builders?

Our Vision Builders program is an annual event, where we set aside time as a church, prayerfully consider where God is leading us and respond by giving towards this Vision. It is a time of faith, growth and unity.

It is about looking beyond ourselves ad creating a future for our church, children and community. As we step out together and give to God with faith, sacrifice and commitment, we create an opportunity for God to transform lives, doing our part to reach and build our community for Christ.

This year’s focus

Stewarding our loan

As a church we continue to steward our loan responsibly. A large portion of this year’s Vision Builders contributions will be to pay down our church building loan.

As we do this each year, continuing to reduce our debt, we free up future giving and income to increase our impact in the community.

3 Outreach initiatives

We are excited to plan for 3 outreach initiatives this year. We believe God is calling us to be bold; to be vision builders, to see beyond the now, to step into uncharted territory, to embrace our future and to see lives transformed in His name.

To read about these initiatives and to view the whole Vision Builders Information booklet, please download it here.


If you would like to make a pledge, please visit the Vision Builders or Giving page at c3h.life.