We believe church should be like good wifi; accessible to everyone, with a strong connection made automatically, and with really good coffee nearby, which is why we have designed our growth path to help you with your church journey.

The Next Steps Course is about launching people into the life of C3 Church Hobart by communicating how you can make connections, understand what we believe, how to be transformed, and how you can make a difference in the community and your world. 

We want all people to find a place to belong, believe, become, and build because people are central to everything that we do and we know that it is through these four steps, that you can begin your journey in becoming a self-responsible disciple.

We know that each person’s faith journey will be different, and that most people will not follow the steps of our growth path in order, and that’s ok! We just want to meet you where every you are at!

So where are you at in your journey?

Click below to visit our online hub to take your next step.

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